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studentlogo-1024x584FBCC Students offers students a chance to be part of the body of Christ as we learn from His word and worship Him with our lives. Our student ministry would love for your student to join us and engage in a community that desires to live for Christ.

Our Mission has 2 main objectives:

  1. To help students understand who Jesus is, what He did for them, and how to imitate Him in their daily lives.
  2. To fulfill the Great Commission through the Great Commandment.


Wednesday Night

5-6:30: OPEN GYM
5:30: Church Meal $3
6:30-7:30: Worship in Attic (3rd Floor Ed. Building)

Open Gym is a time for our students to come fellowship. Students will have the option to play basketball, 9 square, video games, board games, movie, etc.

Our worship services are designed to share the Gospel as well as teach students how to deepen their walks with the Lord. Each service offers the students an opportunity to worship our Lord in song and to hear a Bible-based message.

Sunday Morning
9:45 Connect Groups

We believe that small groups change lives, so we offer Sunday School to our students. Our Sunday School classes are gender and age specific, giving each student a chance to dive into scripture with other students who are facing the exact same struggles that they are up against.

Sunday Night
5-6 Small Groups in gym

Because we believe so much in small groups, we also provide discipleship groups for our students on Sunday evenings. Our goal is to provide a Home Group close enough to all students so that it is easy for them to get involved. Contact Tanner for more info.

Upcoming Events

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Use this Link to Pay for any upcoming Youth Events.

Once you log in, scroll down to the Students Section and find the Event you would like to pay for. Enter the Amount you would like to pay and follow the instructions on the screen.

Online Youth Payment

Falls Creek

Falls Creek Dates will be announced Soon for 2018!

Impact Weekend

Impact Weekend Dates for 2018 will be announced soon!

Wednesday Schedule during school year

Wednesday Night Worship during the school year
Hello Parents and Students. God has been blessing our Student Ministry here at FBCC in a great way. We have been able to see the Holy Spirit changes lives on a weekly basis and we are eager to see more. If you haven’t noticed, our Student Ministry is growing rapidly to the point that we’ve almost ran out of room for all students to be in the same service at the same time. What a great problem to have! Because of this, we are going to split our services.
Middle School Students The Middle School students, grades 6-8, will now start their service at 6:00 in the Attic. The service will start with group interactions and then we will dive into the word of God. At 6:45 we will worship together with the High School and then the Middle School students will be released to the gym where they will either partake in small groups or have free time. If you are familiar with our “Home Groups”, we will have small group time during the months that Home Groups are active and free time during the off months. Students will be released from church activities at &:30 as usual.
High School Students The High School Students will meet at 6:30 in the Upper Room at our coffee bar and lounging area. At 6:45 they will come join the Middle School for worship. Once the Middle School students are released to the gym, then we will dive in God’s word with the High School students. As usual, students will be released from church activities at 7:30.
Our hopes and expectations are that these changes only allow for more growth within our Student Ministry by allowing more room, but also by being able to focus strategically on the different needs of each age group. We ask that you join us in prayer as we seek the favor of our Lord in all that we do here at FBCC. We hope to see you in worship this week!


Bootcamp Dates for 2018 will be announced Soon!