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Meet Pastor Andy

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From left to right: Anna (18), Steva, Andy, Caleb (15), Seth (12) and Catherine (20)

Dear FBCC Church Family,

I can’t begin to tell you how much you blessed my family and I by your warm welcome and enthusiastic affirmation of God’s call for me to come and serve as your Pastor. Though we are saddened to leave a church family and community that we have deeply loved, we are encouraged by what God has in store for us in Choctaw. I am honored to have the opportunity to shepherd a church with such a rich heritage of ministry and gospel witness. Our whole family looks forward to getting to know you better, growing in Christ together, and living on mission for Christ with you in Choctaw.

I have began keeping regular office hours and serving in the community throughout the week. Until our house in Blanchard sells, I will commute each day. Since I obviously won’t be going home for lunch on those days, I would really enjoy using that time to get to know many of you better. At the risk of sounding like I am inviting myself, please let me know if you are available to get together. I would be glad to meet men, couples, a group of students, or a Sunday School class for lunch at your home, in town, or in the city. On Sundays, our whole family will be staying in Choctaw and would love to eat with your family. I don’t merely want to be your preacher; I want to be your friend.

I am not planning to make any big changes any time soon. I want to start out by focusing on developing relationships and learning more about all the church’s great ministries and the needs and opportunities of the community. I do look forward to working with the staff and other church leaders to implement the Strategic Vision Report. I want to be sure that we follow through on the things that God already led you to do. In the meantime, I hope you will be faithful in prayer, attendance, service, giving, and inviting your friends, neighbors, and classmates to come and experience the love and life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

We would also appreciate your prayers that God would help our current house to sell, for us to find a new home in Choctaw, and for our children to adjust well to a new church and community. By God’s grace, we want to put down deep roots in Choctaw and enjoy a long and fruitful ministry. Finally, pray that in all the commotion of the change in jobs, churches, communities, and homes that we keep our eyes firmly fixed on Christ and that everything we do is from Him, in Him, and for Him.

With much love,
Pastor Andy

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